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This class action concerns the conspiracy among various defendants to artificially and illegally increase the price of copper on the London Mercantile Exchange ("LME") and around the world.

This action is brought on behalf of all Canadians and Canadian entities who purchased any copper, scrap copper, copper products, or products containing copper products for use in any trade or business or for resale (except the defendants), from June 1, 1993 to May 31, 1996.

It is alleged that the price of copper purchased by the Plaintiff and the Class has been fixed, raised, maintained and stabilized at artificial and non-competitive levels; and Competition in the sale of copper has been restrained.

Settlement Notice:

Settlements have been reached with the defendants that resolves the litigation. The deadline to file a claim under the settlements was October 17, 2006. This settlement has concluded and all claims have been paid.