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Linerboard / Corrugated Material
This class action alleges that the Defendants unlawfully conspired to fix, increase, and /or maintain prices in the market for Corrugated Material.

The plaintiffs allege that from at least 1993, and continuing until at least the end of 1995, the Defendants participated in illegal and secretive meetings and made arrangements relating to supply restrictions designed to artificially increase prices.

Corrugated Material means any grade of paperboard suitable for use as the inner and outer layers of corrugated sheets (also known as linerboard), the fluted inner layer of a corrugated sheet (also known as medium), any combination of medium and linerboard (including corrugated sheets made out of containerboard), and boxes or containers manufactured using corrugated sheets.

Settlements have been reached with the defendants that resolves the litigation. The deadline to file a claim under the settlements was December 14, 2006. This settlement has concluded and all claims have been paid.

For further information concerning this action, please contact Jennifer Bald at 1-800-461-6166 ext. 2455 or email [email protected]

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