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Looking for low carbon presents? Want to assuage your guilt about flying this holiday season, while helping others? We did!

We were delighted to find that it is quick and easy, though not cheap, to buy carbon offset credits for clients and colleagues, and even for ourselves. The average Canadian creates a little over 11 tonnes of carbon emissions each year; those who fly create much more.

Like most gifts, carbon offsets come in a wide range of prices and qualities.  We selected two highly recommended carbon brokers: Planetair and Carbon Offsets. 

Carbon Offsets is British, and sells individuals credits from a single project in Africa. Planetair is more expensive, but Canadian and their credits are from a wider range of projects. Both groups’ projects improve living standards for those in the developing world as well as reduce emissions. The cost? $17 to $25/ tonne for “portfolio” credits; more for “gold standard” offsets.

Neither company has a tab for carbon gifts on their websites, but both respond quickly to “contact me” emails and will send customized carbon offset certificates suitable for gift giving.

Why give offsets? They are a direct way to make a difference, instead of throwing up our hands in despair. They help improve the lives of the poor, who are already suffering the most from climate change. And they don’t add to the clutter or the guilt in our own lives. Happy holidays!



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