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The Ontario Ministry of the Environment has announced its intention to start charging significant fees for applications for renewable energy approvals: EBR 011-1203. The new Renewable Energy Approval fee structure will come into effect on March 15, 2011.The fees will be:

Solar – Class 3 (Solar PV installation 500 kilowatts or less): $1,000

Solar – Class 3 (Solar farm): $12,844

Wind – Class 2 (Micro/small turbine, under 50kW): $1,000

Wind – Class 3 (Medium sized turbine, over 50kW): $10,030

Wind – Class 4 (On-shore commercial wind farm): $40,000

Wind – Class 4 (On-shore wind farm over 50 MW): $56,458

Wind – Class 5 (Off-shore commercial wind farm): $67,905

Anaerobic Digestion – Class 1 (on-farm, farm materials): $1,000

Anaerobic Digestion – Class 2  (on-farm, ‘green bin’ and biomass & farm materials): $1,000

Anaerobic Digestion – Class 3 (Industrial facility): $27,896

Biogas (Landfill gas): $22,266

Biofuel (Liquids, bio-diesel): $22,266

Thermal Treatment – Class 1 (Wood burning): $22,782

Thermal Treatment – Class 1 (On-farm, wood burning): $1,000

Thermal Treatment – Class 2 (On-farm, wood and biomass burning): $1,000

Thermal Treatment – Class 3 (Commercial biomass burning): $26,311

Administrative Changes: $300

Smaller projects will not have fees.

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