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Ontario car owners are now receiving thousand dollar fines, or higher, for trying to evade Drive Clean testing

For example, Ewart Orin Garner was fined $1,000 for one violation under the Environmental Protection Act for failing to comply with a written notice to submit a vehicle for testing and inspection with respect to the Drive Clean program. Mr. Garner resides in Barrie and is the registered owner of a 1992 Honda. In September 2009, the vehicle was registered with the Ministry of Transportation, using a false address to avoid the Ontario Drive Clean program.  In 2011, a Provincial Officer issued Mr. Garner a notice to submit the motor vehicle for emissions testing. Mr. Garner failed to do so.

Hopeton Anderson was fined $2,000 and Sealink Trading and Investment Company Ltd. was fined $1250 for very similar offences.

Darwin H. Rubio was fined $1500 failing to comply with a written notice to submit his vehicle for Drive Clean testing; he had not used a false address.

All four car owners must also pay the 25% victim fine surcharges, on top of the fines.

Much higher fines have been imposed on garages that abused or defrauded the Drive Clean system, such as the $30,000 fine for Jenny’s Auto Sales. Now greater emphasis is being put on catching, and fining, individual car owners.


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