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The Ontario Ministry of the Environment is continuing to roll out Approvals Reform, by expanding the sectors eligible for the Environmental Activity and Sector Registry (EASR), a type of “permit by rule”. Now they have released draft regulations for three more sectors, following previous consultation on technical papers: Small Ground-Mounted Solar; Lithographic, Screen and Digital Printing; and Non-Hazardous Waste Transportation Systems.

The EASR is a public, web-based registry system, and is intended for activities that are routine, well understood and have minimal environmental impacts.

As part of the Ministry’s ongoing work to implement the EASR, additional activities are being evaluated for their potential inclusion. This work involves comprehensive technical analysis and two periods of public consultation to ensure EASR activities are developed in a transparent and science-based manner and that the resulting eligibility and operating requirements are protective of the environment.

As a result of comments received with respect to the technical discussion papers previously posted on the Environmental and Regulatory Registries, the Ministry has decided, at this time, to consult on proposed regulations to allow three additional activities to register in the EASR (small ground-mounted solar; lithographic, screen and digital printing; and non-hazardous waste transportation systems) and proposed changes to the standby power system requirements.

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