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The Ontario Ministry of the Environment has published its draft requirements for complete applications for the new Environmental Compliance Approvals.

These requirements are proposed to be the basis of a future regulation, which will set out generic requirements for all project types. A future proposal will describe specific technical requirements for each project type (e.g.  waste disposal sites, waste management systems, sewage works or activities that may discharge contaminants to the air).

These requirements will only apply to applicants who are applying for an environmental compliance approval and do not apply to renewable energy approvals, permits to take water, drinking water systems and municipal licensing, or licensing and certification programs such as pesticides and well drillers.

Once the legislation is proclaimed, all applications for new and amended ECAs will be made under a single section of the EPA regardless of the type of project or media (air, noise, sewage and waste).

In order to develop this list of minimum requirements for a complete application, existing administrative and technical requirements in ministry guidance and application forms were brought together.

If an application does not meet all of the complete application requirements, the ministry has the option to return the application to the applicant and not consider it for approval.

The proposed regulation will be supported by companion guidance and an ECA application form.



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