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Yesterday,  we noted that Environment Minister Glen Murray’s mandate letter includes no reference to a new anti-SLAPP (Strategic Lawsuit against Public Participation) law: https://www.siskinds.com/environment-minister-murrays-mandate-letter/, even though SLAPPs are often directed against environmental protection groups.  A faithful reader has helpfully pointed out that, thankfully, that is because bringing the anti-SLAPP law back to the Legislature is mandated to the Attorney General:

https://www.ontario.ca/government/2014-mandate-letter-attorney-general.  Note bullet three: 

  • Pursuing the re-introduction of legislation to protect the public from lawsuits intended to discourage public participation.

Hopefully the majority Liberal government will get an anti-SLAPP law passed swiftly. We’re optimistic.  And we’re very grateful to those readers who help to keep us straight and up-to-date. This blog, and our other pro bono commitments, take up a huge amount of time, and we never have enough time to research and write about everything we would like to.

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