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For those interested in the Blue Box funding arbitration, which will decide how much stewards (brand owners) must pay of the annual net $228 million cost under the Waste Diversion Act, here are the affidavits of the witnesses who have already completed their testimony on behalf of the municipalities of Ontario and their Blue Box programs:

Long time Stewardship Ontario consultant and world-wide Blue Box expert, Derek Stephenson

Waste Diversion Ontario, Director Director of Operations and Oversight Rick Findlay

Ottawa councillor and former Association of Ontario Municipalities chair, Peter Hume

Former municipal representative and Waste Diversion Ontario vice-chair, Andy Pollock

Toronto acting General Manager of Solid Waste and former Ministry of the Environment policy advisor on Blue Box, Vince Sferrazza

Progressive Waste Vice President and former Toronto General Manager of Solid Waste, Geoff Rathbone

Additional affidavits in the Blue Box funding arbitration will be added as other municipal witnesses complete their testimony.

This major hearing is running on a very accelerated schedule, and is sucking up much of our time until July.

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