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Premier McGuinty has promised “a busy and activist legislative session” starting with a Speech from the Throne on November 29, 2007. In light of his election promises, we look forward to learning more about:

• His “tough new toxic reduction law”;• How his government plans to “Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 6% below 1990 levels by 2014, 15% below by 2020 and 80% by 2050. He had promised to:

“Continue to replace coal-fired electricity, doubling renewables and doubling conservation; 

Build more rapid transit;

Provide rebates / tax incentives for energy efficient appliances and home improvements;

Plant 50 million new trees by 2020;

Eliminate inefficient lightbulbs, and

Encourage real time energy metering”;

• What they will do to “identify, target and reduce the number of cancer-causing agents released into our environment”;• A province-wide ban on the cosmetic use of pesticides;• Implementation of the new Endangered Species Act, and• Stronger protections for threatened lakes like Lake Simcoe.It looks as if environmental issues will be staying high on the political agenda!

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