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Rancor Wood Recycling Inc. and Randy Corfield were fined a total of $112,000 for failing to comply with Ministry of the Environment orders and with the certificate of approval for their glass and wood waste recycling site.

Rancor operates a waste wood and glass recycling facility in Belleville; Mr. Corfield is its director. In 2009, the ministry ordered the recyclers to reduce the amount of waste stored at the facility. They had approximately 120,000 tonnes of waste on site, although the recyclers were only approved to store 1,800 tonnes. This is the sort of overcrowding that, in the past, has led to some catastrophic fires.

Rancor did not comply with the order by the specified date. In fact, Rancor continued to accept waste when the approval required the company to cease accepting waste until some waste was removed. In 2010, the ministry issued another order requiring the company and Mr. Corfield to submit written confirmation that a qualified person had been retained to assess groundwater conditions at the facility. The company and Mr. Corfield did not provide the required written confirmation and failed to carry out any additional water monitoring.

The company and Mr. Corfield were fined a total of $112,000 plus the 25% victim fine surcharges and given two years to pay.  Mr. Corfield was placed on probation for one year.

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