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Active Action

Siskinds LLP has filed a proposed class action relating to the malfunction of a cryogenic storage tank at a fertility clinic in Etobicoke, Ontario.

The lawsuit alleges that on or about May 22, 2018, there was a malfunction in a cryogenic storage tank manufactured by Chart Industries, Inc. and located at ReproMed – the Toronto Institute for Reproductive Medicine. As a result of the malfunction, the eggs and embryos stored in the storage tank are no longer viable.

The proposed class action names ReproMed Ltd., The Toronto Institute for Reproductive Medicine Inc., Dr. Alfonso Del Valle and Chart Industries, Inc. as defendants.

Watch CTV News’ investigative report.

Are You Part of the ReproMed Class action?
If you had eggs, embryos, or other human reproductive material stored at ReproMed – the Toronto Institute for Reproductive Medicine, or if you believe you were affected by a cryogenic storage tank malfunction at another fertility clinic, we encourage you to contact Siskinds LLP.

Please email or call us toll-free, at (800) 461-6166 x 2206


The ReproMed class action is in its early stages.

The next step in the litigation will be the certification motion. At the certification motion, the court will determine whether the ReproMed litigation should properly proceed as a class action.

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