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Siskinds Environmental Group has decades of experience in all areas of environmental law and municipal law, including:

  • contaminated sites;
  • air and water emissions;
  • waste and recycling;
  • due diligence;
  • compliance and enforcement;
  • director’s liability;
  • environmental assessment and approvals;
  • renewable energy;
  • climate change;
  • planning approvals;
  • defending prosecutions.

Active Class Actions

Neonicotinoid / Honey Bees

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With the guidance of our expert environmental lawyers, our clients successfully manage environmental risks, resolve disputes, achieve regulatory compliance, avoid (and win) prosecutions, and improve long-term competitiveness.

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Our group is a small, friendly team of real human beings who understand what it is to run a business in a competitive world. Because we’re small, every client matters. But we’re big enough to get the job done, frequently facing off against large groups of lawyers from the high cost downtown firms.

With Us, You Never Get Lost in the Shuffle.

As one of Canada’s leading environmental law firms, we are regularly consulted by corporate counsel, law firms, governments and individuals who need high quality help on significant environmental issues. We provide representation, opinions and advice on a full range of environmental issues, including civil, criminal and administrative environmental cases. We will call you back. Excellent client service is everyone’s top priority.

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