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Elder Abuse in Senior or Long Term Care Homes

Written by on February 06, 2017.

Elder abuse is a serious and growing problem in Ontario. Every year between 2 and 10 per cent of older adults in North America will experience some type of abuse.[1] Unfortunately, elder abuse often occurs where there is a personal relationship between abuser and the victim and in places where seniors should feel safe, such as long term care homes. What is Elder Abuse? The Long Term Care Homes Act [2] in Ontario outlines a Bill of Rights[3] which sets out the following types of abuse that...

Concussions: No Longer Just “Getting Your Bell Rung”

Written by on April 28, 2014.

A concussion is a traumatic brain injury.  It will most likely occur from a direct or indirect blow to the head, face, jaw, or at the junction of the skull and neck.  Stated otherwise, a concussion is caused by either a direct blow to the head or to another body region resulting in an abrupt acceleration or deceleration of the head and neck.[1] Despite the safeguards that surround it, the skull, the supportive tissue, the membranes, and the fluid, the brain is essentially “floating” wit...

Court of Appeal confirms that civil damages for bodily harm intentionally inflicted cannot be discharged by bankruptcy.

Written by and on December 18, 2013.

Rasha El-Tawil and Michael Polvere argued a successful appeal before the Court of Appeal for Ontario in Dickerson v. 1610396 Ontario Inc. and Radcliffe, 2013 ONCA 653 (MacFarland, Watt and Epstein, JJ.A.), regarding the application of the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act on damages suffered for personal injuries after an intentional tort.The decision of the Court of Appeal in Dickerson v. 1610396 Ontario Inc. and Radcliffe, 2013 ONCA 653 (MacFarland, Watt and Epstein, JJ.A.) (a complete copy of whi...