We assist Canadian and international clients doing business in China as well as advising Chinese companies and individuals seeking to expand operations into North America.

In China, we partnered with Dacheng Law Firm, the country’s largest law firm with 4,000 lawyers in 52 cities. Our primary contact at Dacheng Law Firm is Mr. Zhen He. A senior partner, he is based in Beijing and focuses on the provision of Chinese business legal advice to foreign companies.

In 2009, members of our team met in Beijing with China’s Ministry of Finance and Commerce (MOFCOM) representatives to discuss Canadian-Chinese trade issues and business expansions into each jurisdiction. Since then Siskinds has been active in China, travelling to Chengdu and Chonquing as part of the London trade delegation, attending the opening of Discovery Western in Nanjing, attending at the request of the Xuzhou government the Xuzhou conference in Shanghai, meeting with various Chambers of Commerce throughout China, meeting with government officials in Xuzhou and meeting with government officials in Shenyang, as well as assisting various companies with their needs in Canada and assisting our Canadian clients in China.

Siskinds has also hosted Chinese government delegations and private delegations from China in both London and Toronto.

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