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Confidentiality Provisions - What are they good for?

In resolutions of disputes between both unionized and non-union employees, confidentiality provisions are often employed and, depending on the circumstances, they may be viewed as a critical component of any settlement.

Proposed Ontario Bill will Impact Unpaid Wages and Temporary Hiring Agencies

Bill 146, entitled “Stronger Workplaces for a Stronger Economy Act,” was recently introduced into the Ontario Legislature by Yasir Naqvi, Minister of Labour for the governing Liberal party.  Among other minor adjustments, the proposed changes would significantly increase employees’ ability to recover unpaid wages and transfer a number of potential liabilities from temporary help agencies to their clients.

Terminating Employees on Job-Protected Leaves: Can I do it?

In her previous blog,  “The Expanding World of Job-Protected Leaves: What’s Next?”,  Mary Lou Brady wrote about the upcoming changes to Ontario’s Employment Standards Act, 2000, if Bill 21 is passed.  In this blog, Mary Lou provides tips for employers who are considering terminating employment of an individual on a job-protected leave, or who is about to go off on, or who has just returned from, such leave.

New Health & Safety Training Obligations

On Christmas Eve 2009 an unfortunate workplace accident took the life of four workers and sparked the Ontario government into action. The Province undertook a review of the existing workplace health and safety training programs.   The result has been the implementation of new, mandatory H&S awareness training.  This could be good news or bad news for your business depending on your current training curriculum.  Siskinds Labour & Employment lawyer Beth Traynor explains what is new in 2014 and how it may, or may not, impact you.

Ontario Human Rights Tribunal Clarifies the Duty to Accommodate

The duty to accommodate is an important aspect of employee and employer relations. A recent Ontario Human Rights Tribunal decision, Fair v Hamilton Wentworth District School Board looked closely at this duty and found that the school board did not fulfill their duty and were ordered to pay significant costs because of it. In this blog post Jennifer Lohuis looks at the decision and its implications for employers.